War Wings

What else can surprise gamers? They traveled to other planets and conquered other galaxies, drove entire armies into battle, and reincarnated into anyone. But there are subjects to which the geimindustry returns again and again, and the battles of the Second World War belong to this category. And if they occur in the air, then it is doubly interesting and fascinating.

The developers of War Wings managed to make the air battles not only spectacular, but also fascinating. Due to the fact that this game is focused on multiplayer, it is really difficult to break away from it. The first thing you have to face is training, without which there is simply nothing to do here.


Before rushing into the thick of battle, the future pilot will have to learn the control buttons, and we have to admit that it is implemented very well here. All virtual buttons on the screen are conveniently, responsive and sensitive, which allows you to easily maneuver, controlling the trajectory of the aircraft.

Then you can go directly to the high-speed and dynamic air battles. Online 4-on-4 battles waiting for players, in which two squadrons will fight for supremacy in the sky, firing at each other, dodging the attack and developing incredible speeds. In addition to multiplayer PvP matches, there are seasonal events and a training campaign.


Of course, without visiting the hangar and improving the aircraft players can not do anything in this game. Your aircraft must be well equipped, otherwise it will not last long in the air – in this game, airplanes get quite realistic damage, and you should not forget about it. This means that it will be necessary to take care not only about upgrades of planes and buying new, faster and more secure ones, but also about the skill of avoiding attacks. Skills of aerobatics will be very helpful when there is a need to escape from the rain of enemy bullets.

Players from all over the world take part in the bouts, playing in mixed, randomly selected teams under the flags of their country. It will not be easy to succeed in these battles and get on the leaderboard – for this, it is desirable to hone your skills in training missions and improve the aircraft as much as possible. It is not so easily to earn money in this game, but at the same time, there is no special need in donation, so it is quite possible to play in it without making unnecessary investments.


In addition to user-friendly customizable controls and high-quality graphics, realistic voice acting should be noted, which complements the atmosphere of air battles in War Wings.

The fact that the multiplayer became the basis of the game is at the same time its plus, as it makes it competitive, but also a small minus. The game requires a permanent and very stable Internet connection, and there is no single-player campaign in it. Training missions are too short to please fans of solo gameplay. But the current trends are as follows: more and more games are oriented towards online matches, and War Wings are no exception.

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