Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

According to the Civilization genre, it refers to 4X-strategies, in which the players’ task is to do everything to evolve their civilization and lead it to domination. EXplore, eХpand, eХploit and eХterminate – these are the four “whales” on which these 4X strategies are based, and the Civilization series rightfully occupies a worthy place in their list.

You can achieve victory in this game in almost any way – both by destroying opponents with the help of war and by creating a universal religion, into which the whole world will then appeal. You can absorb the neighboring civilizations or negotiate with their leaders – all ways are open here, and this undoubtedly attracts.


To make progress, you need to start from one small settlement, create your own army and send it to conquer barbarians, at the same time developing technologies. The technology tree in this game demonstrates its strategic depth.

If at the start you have to choose, develop ceramics or breed animals, then in the future (if your civilization lasts enough time) the choice will be between the development of nuclear fusion or nanotechnology. Your army will evolve from squads of stone throwers and archers to artillery and rocket launchers.


By itself, the port was a great success for the developers from Aspyr – and this despite the fact that the game is quite demanding on resources. It only works on the latest iPad generations, which is not surprising, but it looks like the original PC version at low graphic settings. Of course, the reaction of AI or other players you have to wait some time, but on the PC everything happens the same way. However, from such large-scale turn-based games one can hardly expect a quick reaction. And by the way, you should not be afraid of data loss – the game saves your every move.

As for controls, the developers coped well with this job. There are several nuances to which attention should be paid when passing through the tutorial. For example, tool tips can be accessed by pressing and holding the icon, and close the submenu by tapping the screen with three fingers at the same time. Everything else is implemented intuitively, and the perennial problem of strategies – the need to accurately hit small units in order to control them – is eliminated due to the possibility of enlarging the image with a pinch motion.


If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use it – the game supports the same buttons and commands as the main version of Civilization VI for PC and Mac.

Well, another AAA-class game got a good mobile version, which means that we still have many projects of this type ahead – the performance of modern smartphones and tablets allows it.

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