Iron Marines

The first thing that attracts attention is the setting, which, unlike the usual medieval fantasy, takes us into deep space, to distant planets, to sc-fi-locations. Although the graphics, it must be admitted, looks quite familiar – it got the same cartoony elements that were in previous projects of Ironhide.

The first contact is exactly the name of the mission from which the player will have to begin acquaintance with the gameplay of Iron Marines. She, in fact, is also a training level – here you have to master the skills of managing combat units (at the start only rangers who are not very well protected, rather maneuverable fighters with an average radius of action are available). The number of units depends on the number of available command posts, and the task of the fighters is to fight constantly attacking aliens, defending the base-colony and winning back the deposits of the vital mineral Eteriya.


In the future, the mission will be complicated. There are 14 campaigns in the territories of two worlds, during which gamers will have to rescue the inhabitants of the planets from aliens, protect the colonized zones from capture, fight the bosses with the help of various types of weapons. Turrels and towers will be combined with a strategic gameplay, where a lot depends on the type of units and the heroes involved at the right time.

At the initial stage of the game, the first heroe will come to the aid of the rangers, the characteristics of which will grow as you progress, and new skills will open gradually. In the future, the parameters of the hero can be improved, standard for this type of gameplay. Each of the 9 available characters has their own unique abilities that can turn the tide of events in the direction the player needs.


The ability to change the strategy and tactics of battle on the go – a significant plus Iron Marines, just like the presence of four levels of difficulty. Thanks to them, there is something to do and green beginner, and experienced veteran RTS. The last level opens after passing at least one campaign – especially for those who want to take a chance.

In addition to the main campaigns, developers offer players special operations with dynamically changing rules and smarter opponents. Not to mention the achievements, which in this game is not just a lot – their number is huge.


The mechanics of control in Iron Marines is easy to use, and no need to delve into its nuances – everything is intuitively clear. The bottom line of the screen is placed under the control of the hero and the battle towers: the left corner is responsible for calling the hero and using his special skills, and the right corner is for placing the towers and special features like a rocket attack. The upper part of the screen displays the number of available combat units and esteria reserves, and also allows you to enter the main menu. In-game currency are credits earned for successfully passing campaigns.

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