Hello Neighbor

Your neighbor has done you no harm. He looks quite respectable, and even nice – a tall man with a famously twisted mustache. But the strange feeling does not leave you. Behind this positive sign something is obviously hidden – it remains to find out what it is.

No, until you haven’t become paranoid – you just downloaded the game Hello Neighbor. Although, as it progresses, the feeling of paranoia will visit you often. How to penetrate into the basement of a neighbor, where he probably handles his dark deeds and hides the traces of crime?


What hides behind the decent facade of a pretty house? And the house looks really nice – however, like the entire visual range of this game – a bit surreal, but colorful and unique. The authors managed to make it recognizable, to achieve something with the current range of games is not so easy.

Mobile gamers finally got the opportunity to plunge into this stealth horror, after it was already tested by the players on the PC.

A neighbor will not chase you with an axe, trap in dark corners or go into your nightmares. He is simply clever, cunning and therefore almost omnipresent. And in this lies the unique mechanics of the game – its artificial intelligence teaches itself, each time forcing the neighbor to act against you more and more sophisticated.


Perhaps the word “sophisticated” very accurately reflects the nature of your opponent’s actions. And very soon the neighbor will no longer seem to you at least a bit nice – he will disturb, then annoy, and, in the end, will start to enrage and terrify. The horror is precisely in this – in the impossibility to predict which new traps it will place in your path and what difficulties you have to go through.

Unfortunately, you will not get any tips here. The game consists of three parts, each one is more complicated than the previous one, and if the first two parts you will pass without difficulty, then you simply cannot pass the third one without viewing the walkthrough.


Dead ends in Hello Neighbor will be more than enough – they are just tiring, despite the fact that the idea of the game as a whole is very successful. It is unlikely that lovers of stealth-gameplay will appreciate it – there are very few of it here. Yes, and really there is no such more horror. But thinking about the puzzles and the search for logic is the main feature in this game. Decisions do not lie on the surface, which seems to be good, but sometimes they are too hidden in the depths. And this is not happy.

In general, the game is very accurately transferred to mobile platforms, the port turned out to be of high quality, the fancy graphics are impressive, and the controls are intuitive and accessible. The 3D environment is drawn in great detail, with a play of light and shadow, with realistic animation.

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