Asphalt 9

First of all, Asphalt 9 is a game from the series, the previous project in which Asphalt 8 was, and if you remember in what it has turned into lately, it is very difficult to treat the novelty without bias.

And that is why immediately after starting the game you notice a bunch of flaws. Bad graphics, too short tracks, drawings, which, as you quickly realize, will need to be collected for a very long time to get a good car, and of course, the TouchDrive system.

But over time, you get used to all of it and it becomes easier to play.



TouchDrive, I can not justify and do not want. I think this is the worst that the developers of the game could come up with. Users install games to enjoy the gameplay in the first place. In this case, the authors deprive them of this pleasure.

For those who do not know, when the TouchDrive system is activated, the car automatically goes forward and turns. You just have to use nitro, drift and choose the most advantageous strip in a particular situation. Gameloft themselves explain this desire to simplify the gameplay for novice users and give everyone else the opportunity to enjoy stunning graphics and advanced tracks, but:

Why simplify the gameplay, if it is so utterly simple? If you are focused on the game, then it makes no difference whether it makes you swipe to change lanes or to turn the car – you will be so and so focused. But the drive and action will be much less.


At first, the tracks seem very short, but then you realize that these are only their parts. The total length of tracks is similar to Asphalt 8, and somewhere, maybe more. It is clear why this was done, but a game of this level is still not a casual project, but a flagship that players launch with slightly different goals than the same “time killers”.

Unfortunately, the gameplay has undergone almost no changes after the last part, and it seems to that players who have spent hundreds of hours on the last part are unlikely to be satisfied with the sequel.


Do not expect from Asphalt 9: Legends something supernatural with respect to racing gameplay. This is a fairly simple arcade game, the complexity of which increases dramatically if you participate in multiplayer battles. It is interesting to play this game, but it is unlikely that you will enjoy it for more than an hour.

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