Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea – is a gothic game, story of which happens in the same universe as in “Fallen London”, but at this time you have to go to the sea. Everything that you see around is solid darkness. Oceans are quiet and unpredictable. How much time can you hold out in this case before the insanity attacks you? In general, this is the basic constituent of the game. Otherwise, the essence of the game is to manage your personal reserves, gather information and fight against terrible enemies. And, of course, in all this chaos you need to survive.


The game starts without any prompts. You appear in the role of captain of the ship, choose your own name, history and the game goal and go forward to the adventure. The control is very simple, tap forward and you will start moving forward. With one touch, you stop the movement, with second touch you will move back. The same situation with moving left / right. The first experience in the Sunless Sea will show the full depth of the game. In this game, there really is something to see, many interesting obstacles, a huge number of aggressive-minded creatures and, of course, an infinite number of opportunities to die.


The probability of getting into the grave is extremely high, so be careful. After death, you will return to Fallen London again, mourning the death of your previous captain, again create a new character, give it a different name, assign a primary target and start again. Only now the game will give a few tips, and you will no more move blindly in the dark. In addition to intelligence, you need to focus on your mining and the level of universal experience, as soon as reserves run out or anxiety becomes unbearable, your team will start doing stupid things. Moreover, as soon as the food will be finish, people will begin to eat each other.


Be careful

Only narration binds all elements of the game together. This is not a long text story, but small fragments that will constantly compliment each other. Partly this is a Gothic tale and a horror story. The main thing to know one simple truth – each step plays its role. You can never be wrong.

Let’s talk about fights. Initially, your boat is very weak and slow, the damage that you do is very insignificant, is easier to lose than to win. Over time, as you already understood, the ship will become stronger and stronger. You will have to die repeatedly and make a lot of mistakes. All what you have achieved before, remains in the last game, new game will be like a clean sheet.

In conclusion. Yes, it will take time to understand and study this game. Her dark and at the same time attractive world is full of secrets and mysteries. This is a really intriguing and addictive game.

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