Shadow Fight 3

The Shadow Fight series for a long time stayed in the lists of the best mobile fighting games of all time, and if the first part of the game declared itself as a applicant for the title of leader, the second part confirmed it. Accordingly, the expectations of gamers from the third part was anĀ  incredibly high level. And, it seems, the developers from Nekki succeeded – the height have been taken.

The silhouetted 2D-graphics of the series, which became its hallmark, gave way to 3D locations and beautifully animated characters. Yes, the fighters have ceased to be “shadows”, becoming completely real, well-equipped guys, but this does not mean that the unique, favorite style of the fans is irretrievably lost. Shadow-attacks are preserved in a special mode in which the fighters activate their magic superpowers: they teleport, attack with energy strikes and use unreal powerful combos. The transition to this mode will require the player to accumulate energy, but this will happen far from the start.


And, first of all, gamers should be engaged in creating a character that does not take them much time – the choice from name to appearance occurs quickly. The storyline of the game starts to twist pretty dashingly: the hero finds himself in the thick of the conflict, which has divided the country into three irreconcilable factions fighting for power. It would seem, what role can a novice warrior play in this conflict?

During the training level, the hero will become familiar with the basic techniques of combat, and the player will master the control that has always been the main feature of the Shadow Fight series. It is still convenient and responsive: the virtual joystick provides the character with a lot of degrees of freedom, and in combination with the strike buttons you get a huge number of realistic attacks and combos in the style of the best Hollywood action movies. The range of techniques, counterattacks, shots and strikes here is so wide that it can surprise the most experienced fans of console fighting games.



The battles in Shadow Fight 3 occur almost continuously, the game leads gamers to the plot through various locations. The level of enemies is growing very quickly, and story missions and side quests allow you not only to increase your skills, but also find new equipment. As a reward for winning the hero receives coins, weapons, armor, chests with boosters and other usefull things. And they will help a lot, as rivals are becoming stronger.

The style of combat, equipment and abilities of the character directly depend on which faction the player chooses and how quickly he masters the mechanics of battles. The range of weapons also plays an important role in the choice of battle tactics – the hero of the game fights with different types of weapons in a completely different way.



Opponents are pleased with the variety of weapons and methods, so the journey through the locations of the medieval Asian country will not be easy, especially when it comes to the bosses.

Unfortunately, with all the spectacular and fascinating battles, they can be annoying when the question of making money comes up. But without them you cannot leveling up your character.

The overall impression of Shadow Fight 3 would be incomplete without mentioning the voice acting, which adds to the game atmosphere. All this in the complex does not allow to doubt: we are still one of the best fighting games on mobile platforms and a really high-quality product. Yes, Shadow Fight 3 is not deprived of free-to-play-elements, but such quality cannot be absolutely free – and this has to be admitted.

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