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Some sequels are inevitable. This was clear from the moment when Injustice came out, a game, in the style of Mortal Kombat, in which the characters of DC Comics fought.Everything indicated that the second part would appear, and it happened. The game absorbed all the best from the first part. Injustice 2 looks much better than its first part.

One of the most important moments in Injustice 2 is inside the game story and a wonderful version of its story. All thanks to both parts of the game and DC comics, which were released in support of the new sequel. They tell the rich history of alternative Earth, where in one tragic day Superman turned from a hero into a tyrant. It is worth noting that the transformation did not occur without the Joker’s participation.


An excellent intro video introduces us in the course of affairs, well, after that, during the course of the game we research history chapter by chapter.

Partially, the gameplay is built on picking up heroes and villains, passing a company from a simple to the most difficult level, but that’s not all. In Injustice 2 you have to participate in 1×1 fights, but in teams where there are at least three players for each side. This is not just a mass fight, it will be necessary to create your own detachment correctly, based on the specifications of each participant.

The controls are pretty simple. There are buttons for attacks, there is for movement. There is also a block button, which is sometimes very annoying, because in many other games, simply press the left side of the screen and hold your finger on it. There are also buttons for special moves and for replacing characters. This is not the best layout for a mobile fighting game, however, and there is nothing wrong with that.



Injustice 2 has an interesting risk / reward system that is built for abilities. During the battle, a special sensor appears next to your character, which contains a kind of energy that accumulates during the fight.

As soon as you accumulate a sufficient amount of energy, the ability will become available to you to use, however it is not the only one and the higher the energy level, the more powerful the skill becomes open.

Moreover, such skills are extremely spectacular. But there is a risk in this matter. Sometimes it is not profitable to save energy for super reception, it will be faster to end the battle with simple abilities and blows. Therefore, always count your strength and capabilities correctly.


There are several ways to level up your character. Of course, first of all this is an increase in the level. Next is the ammunition. It helps to reveal each character correctly. Well, and finally, it is worth mentioning about the complete set of uniforms. Having collected all the things on your character – you will get a certain bonus.

Now let’s go to the Arena mode. In it, you will fight every week with other living people, fighting for leadership in the lists. This, unfortunately, is not a full-fledged PvP, which from a technical point of view it would be extremely difficult to implement. However, this mode makes a huge variety in the gameplay of Injustice 2. Everything inside the Arena gaming processes is personal and does not overlap with those in the PvE mode, which is very convenient.

Visually, the game looks great, especially thanks to the impressive videos. However, during battles, management is mixed with graphics and becomes quite difficult. In practice, this is not a big drawback, but it prevents the game from opening up to full scale. However, having looked at one of the super-ability video, everything falls into place and no one wants to think about any minor flaws.

Yes, Injustice 2 is not perfect. But, of course, it is really cool. Based on the fact that the console version has gained immense popularity, we look forward to Injustice 3 in a few years.

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