Archer Queen

The Archer Queen is an eagle-eyed warrior, and big enough to carry a modified X-Bow that few men could dream of wielding. When she’s not getting her beauty rest, she can attack enemy villages and guard yours. Unlock her Royal Cloak ability at Level 5 to make her invisible to enemy defenses and summon fellow archers to her side.

1-9 10-19 20-40

Favorite TargetAttack TypeTargetsMovement Speed Attack Speed Range
AnyRangedGround & Air240.75 sec5 tiles
LevelDamage per secDamage per hitDamage per sec while abillity in useHitpointsRegeneration timeAbillity levelUpgrade Cost [dark elixir]Upgrade TimeTown Hall Level Required
3168126-75500:34:00-25.0001 day9
4172129-77100:36:00-27.5001 day 12 hours9
517613247678700:38:00130.0002 days9
6181135.7548180400:40:00132.5002 days 12 hours9
7185138.7548582100:42:00135.0003 days9
8190142.549083800:44:00140.0003 days 12 hours9
9194145.549485600:46:00145.0004 days9
10199149.2555487400:48:00250.0004 days 12 hours9
1120415355989200:50:00255.0005 days9
12209156.7556491100:52:00260.0005 days 12 hours9
13215161.2557093000:54:00265.0006 days9
1422016557594900:56:00270.0006 days 12 hours9
15226169.564296900:58:00375.0007 days9
16231173.2564799001:00:00380.0007 days9
17237177.756531.01001:02:00385.0007 days9
18243182.256591.03201:04:00390.0007 days9
19249186.756651.05301:06:00395.0007 days9
20255191.257381.07601:08:004100.0007 days9
21262196.57451.09801:10:004105.0007 days9
222682017511.12101:12:004110.0007 days9
23275206.257581.14501:14:004115.0007 days9
24282211.57651.16901:16:004120.0007 days9
25289216.758461.19301:18:005120.0007 days9
262962228531.21801:20:005130.0007 days9
273042288611.24401:22:005135.0007 days9
28311233.258681.27001:24:005140.0007 days9
29319239.258761.29701:26:005145.0007 days9
30327245.259651.32401:28:006150.0007 days9
31335251.259731.35201:30:006155.0007 days10
323442589821.38001:32:006160.0007 days10
333522649901.40901:34:006165.0007 days10
34361270.759991.43901:36:006170.0007 days10
35370277.510951.46901:38:007175.0007 days10
36379284.2511041.50001:40:007180.0007 days10
37389291.7511141.53201:42:007185.0007 days10
38398298.511231.56401:44:007190.0007 days10
3940830611331.59701:46:007195.0007 days10
40419314.2512381.63001:48:008200.0007 days10

Royal Cloak ( Ability )

Ability Level Damage Increase Health RecoverySummoned Units Ability Time
130015053.6 sec
235517563.8 sec
341620074.0 sec
448322584.2 sec
555725094.4 sec
6638275104.6 sec
7725300114.8 sec
8819325125.0 sec

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  1. Hi kung sino po ang may ari dito na page sana mapagbigyan nyo po kami ng kaunting kahilingan na sana mabigyan nyo po kami ng archer queen ang hina po kasi ng mga batos ko gusto ko mapabilib ang daddy ko sa akin na mas malakas ang akin kasi ina api ako ni daddy para masasabi ko sa kanya na mas malakas pa ang akin kasi malakas ang kay daddy pero walang archer queen please give me a chance to get an archer queen pleaseeeeee thank you kung mapagbigyan mo ako

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