Is P.E.K.K.A a knight? A samurai? A robot? No one knows! P.E.K.K.A’s armor absorbs even the mightiest of blows, but it doesn’t handle electricity too well.

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Favorite TargetAttack TypeTargetsHousing SpaceTraining TimeMovement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level RequiredRange
AnyMeleeGround2500:45:00162.5 sec100.8 tiles

LevelDamage per secDamage per hitHitpointsTraining Cost [elixir]Research Cost [elixir]Laboratory Level RequiredResearch Time
22706753.10032.0003.000.000610 days
33007503.50036.0006.000.000612 days
43408504.00040.0007.000.000814 days
53809504.50045.0008.000.000814 days

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