These big guys may seem calm, but show them a turret or cannon and you’ll see their fury unleashed! Slow yet durable, these warriors are best used to soak up hits.

1-2 3-4567

1-2a  3-4a  5a  6a  7a

Favorite TargetAttack TypeTargetsHousing SpaceTraining TimeMovement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level RequiredRange
DefensesMeleeGround500:02:00122 sec31 tiles
LevelDamage per secDamage per hitHitpointsTraining Cost [elixir]Research Cost [elixir]Laboratory Level RequiredResearch Time
21428360750100.00021 day
319384301.250250.00042 days
424485201.750750.00053 days
531626702.2502.250.00065 days
643869403.0006.000.000710 days
7501001.1003.5007.000.000814 days

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