gamesprut gems v2.0 [15.03.2018]

Gems Giveaway 2.0

Get 2500 gems for your activity…

Hey guys. In this event you can win another 2500 gems. It’s also easy for everyone. Let’s have a look how is it working.

Every our member at profile have feature called “Activity Points“, here you can watch your current Activity Points amount.


When someone of our members will get at least 100 Activity Points, we will send him Itunes Gift Card or Android Gift card (It depends on what the device you are using) with 20$ amount. With this card you can buy 2500 Gems or spend it as you wish.

Here is present list of ways how to get Activity Points:

  • You can get 5 Activity Points every day when you visit our site.
  • You can get 5 Activity Points if like us on Facebook. Just press button bellow:
  • You can get 5 Activity Points if follow us on Twitter. Just press button bellow:
  • You can get 5 Activity Points if follow us on Instagram. Just press button bellow:
  •  You can get 1 Activity Point / per 1 new visitor if you copy this link: and share it with your friends or somewhere at forums or other sites.
  • You can get 2 Activity Points / per share us on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus.
    Also you will get 1 Activity Point / per 1 new visitor from each share!

* When someone wins gift card, Activity Points of all members automatically wiped out and event starts at the beginning.

All comments about activity points reset is prohibited and will be removed, for numerous violations of this rules user can be banned.

Every member can take part in this event an infinite number of times.

Our Winners

  • Osm-Sai (sait… [15.05.2018]

Good luck everyone and have a nice day!

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