Giant Bomb

When you’re looking for a Big Boom, you need the Giant Bomb. Improved version of classic Bomb, it’s very usefull weapon against Hog Riders. You can place it between your defence buildings and make a good surprise for your enemy.



Town Hall Level1234567891011Size
LevelDamageDamage radiusCost [gold]Rearm cost [gold]Build TimeExperienceTown Hall level
11753 tiles12.5002.000-06
22003.5 tiles75.0003.00006:00:001466
32253.5 tiles750.0004.0001 day2938
42504 tiles2.500.0005.0003 days50910
Trigger RadiusDamage TypeUnit Type TargetedFavorite Target
2 tilesArea Splash Ground Hog Rider (Damage x1.5)

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