Inferno Tower

Mass dmg defense structure…

Set the Inferno Tower’s Dark Elixir fueled flame to build up unbelievable damage to single targets, or to constantly roast multiple targets at once. Healing effects get blocked by its extreme heat!

Single target:

1 2 3

Multiple targets:

1m 2m 3m

RangeAttack SpeedDamage TypeTargetsFavorite targetSize
90.128sSingle Target /
Multiple Targets
Ground & Air
Town Hall Level1234567891011
(single target)
DPS after 1.5 sec
(single target)
DPS after 4.5 sec
(single target)
(multiple targets)
Num of Targets
(multiple targets)
HitpointsLoad cost
[dark elixir]
Cost [gold]Build TimeExperienceTown Hall Level
1241001.0003051.5005005.000.0007 days77710
2301251.2503751.8006006.500.00010 days92910
3351401.4004152.1007008.000.00014 days1.09910


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