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Gems Giveaway

Get 2500 gems every week…

Hi guys! On our site we have event for players, in particular for iOS and Android owners. How it is working? It’s very easy for everyone!

You need to leave comment below this post in which you must write what device you are using Android or iOS and that’s all. At the end of week (Sunday) we randomly choose winner and will send him via email iTunes Gift Card if  it’s iOS owner or  Google Play Gift Card if it’s Android owner. Gift card is the key that you need to enter in Google Play or App Store and it’s value is 20$. With it you can buy 2500 gems or whatever you want in App Store or Google play! You can take part in this event every week.

Don’t spam with same comments and don’t ask to give gift for you. Enough only one comment in a week, but you can communicate freely. Thank you for understanding!

The winner will be randomly choosen at every Sunday after 8 pm (GMT TIME). All comments after this time will be take part in next week event!

Take a look guys. In event taking part only those comments in which you leave name of your mobile OS (Android or iOS) or at least name of your device.

Good luck for every one!

Our Winners

    • Arpit-Yaduvanshi (arp… [01.04.2018]
    • Atif-Ali (asto… [08.04.2018]
    • Wai-Yan (hoh… [15.04.2018]
    • Kim-Adrian (con…… [22.04.2018]
    • Praga-Pragadeesh (Prag… [29.04.2018]

    • Chilli-Pistols (nirb… [06.05.2018]
    • Bhushan-Suryavanshi (bsu… [13.05.2018]
    • Arbaz-Khan (arba… [20.05.2018]
    • Gayak-Dashrath (Jp… [27.05.2018]

    • Kaden-Prince (1ga… [03.06.2018]
    • Azzari-Azzizi (azz…… [10.06.2018]
    • Iron-Fist (ham…… [17.06.2018]
    • Vishal-Goswami (vg6… [24.06.2018]

    • Laxmi-Shukla (bab… [01.07.2018]
    • Longbi-Rongphar (art… [08.07.2018]
    • Afeef-Ahmad (roy…… [15.07.2018]
    • Satyam-Mishra ( [22.07.2018]
    • Jaidev-Desai (myd…… [29.07.2018]

  • Saptarshi-Roychowdhuri (sap… [05.08.2018]
  • Shadman-Parwez (sha… [12.08.2018]

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